Gala Dinner Venues

A range of prestigious gala dinner venues suitable for hosting the most glamorous events of all sizes. Venues include banquet halls, grand palaces, luxury hotels, country estates and more. Discover these sensational locations that will not only impress, but wow guests.

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Conference Venues

A shortlist of the world's most outstanding conference venues with the best event spaces. These landmark venues offer flexibility and great facilities in ideal locations. They are the ultimate venues for local and global conferences.

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Wedding Venues

A selection of the world's most magnificent wedding venues in the best locations. Whether you’ve just started planning your wedding or you’re well under way, these venues will help you to create an event filled with treasured memories that live on long after the wedding day. Choose from destination weddings on tropical beaches or grand royal palaces in glamorous city locations. This is a selection we've reviewed and approved.

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Birthday Party Venues

A list of dynamic birthday party venues that are ideal for unforgettable birthday celebrations. These inspiring options include hotels, clubs, restaurants, terraces, bars and more. All the recommended venues are perfect for an outstanding birthday party.

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Private Dining Venues

Introducing some of the best private dining venues worldwide, offering excellent cuisine, outstanding atmosphere and an exceptional location for a private dinner. Whether it's an executive dinner for a few guests, or an exclusive hire for a larger group, you will find inspiration in this selection of the top private dining spaces.

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Reception Venues

The world’s most remarkable reception venues, presented in one shortlist. From opulent livery halls and outdoor terraces to rooftop bars and castles, there are astounding options to choose from. Ideal for both small and large receptions, these versatile spaces provide beautiful backdrops to any important reception.

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Meeting Venues

A unique variety of meeting venues and boardrooms, suitable for high calibre gatherings of all sizes. This refined selection includes meeting spaces with exceptional facilities and superior services. These venues offer flexibility for meetings with a range of requirements.

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Christmas Party Venues

Christmas party ideas begin here. Start with this outstanding list of award-winning Christmas party venues. Choose from a variety of Christmas party venues offering different festive themes, Christmas party packages and unique ideas for groups in a range of locations.

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Romantic Venues

From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, from Indonesia to Rome, the Maldives and beyond, these are the most romantic venues in the world. Choose a private villa in the countryside, a beachside bungalow or a mountain chalet. These venue settings lend themselves to private events that will be remembered and treasured for a lifetime.

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Engagement Party Venues

A comprehensive list of engagement party venues suitable for hosting memorable celebrations with family and friends. Whether it's an intimate private dinner or a drinks reception for 100 guests, special events are created in these venues. Historic ballrooms, romantic terraces and private dining spaces in contemporary style, all could be the perfect event space.

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Product Launch Venues

A spectacular range of product launch venues well suited to creating the right impression for your big reveal. These venues are located in some of the most desirable locations and offer scope for creating unforgettable experiences. Finding the ideal venue is the first step to creating the right impact.

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Fashion Show Venues

The perfect venues for fashion shows and photo shoots, situated in key city locations. Boasting unique and grand settings, these venues provide the ideal backdrop for showcasing high-end fashion. From modern to classic venues, the fashion event venues in this selection are perfect for catwalks and photo shoots.

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Corporate Incentive Venues

The corporate incentive venues of choice for businesses looking to incentivise staff and reward high achievers. From luxurious tropical islands and the best spas to luxury hotels and private villas, these venues are renowned for their ability to host successful corporate incentive programs.

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Film Location Venues

Set the scene at one of these impressive film location venues. The setting for many iconic movie moments, these venues can expertly host production teams and crews, as well as create engaging sets and original backdrops for filming. Potential filming venues include historic halls, grand museums, neoclassical palaces, gardens and more.

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Exhibition Venues

Exhibition venues purposely designed to host inspiring global showcase events, these venues are suited to a range of set-ups and styles. Be it a small exhibition for an exclusive set of products, or a large one for a particular industry or region, all are well located and well equipped. Discover this selection of highly rated exhibition venues that are in demand for their strategic positioning in key markets and cities.

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Press Conference Venues

These are the press conference venues preferred by international businesses and event bookers worldwide. With spaces that are easily accessible from key locations, these venues are ideal for well-attended and high profile press conferences. The in-house teams excel at delivering high calibre press conferences that generate worldwide coverage.

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Networking Event Venues

Introducing the most inspirational networking event venues in a great range of settings and a wonderful variety of locations. These venues are ideal for creating lasting professional relationships between attendees. The settings vary from beach front bars and members clubs to boutique hotels and livery halls. For any event brief, whether large or small, there is a perfect networking event venue.

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Sporting Event Venues

A selection of the world's best sporting event venues for occasions with an active element. Activities vary from golf, skiing and motor sport, to archery, horse riding and fishing. These venues provide organisers with a key theme for their events and offer attending guests an experience that is memorable and enjoyable.

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Training Venues

Training venues have a unique set of requirements and the venues in the following list have some of the best solutions available. From in-built resources and technology to a range of supporting spaces and inspiring rooms; these venues have it all. Your perfect training venue is within reach.

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Board Meeting Venues

This selection of board meeting venues offer the ultimate in flexibility and discretion. Suitable for hosting executive management and high profile CEOs, these spaces are comfortable, conveniently located and well appointed. Refined meeting rooms, professional staff and a relaxed environment are the fundamentals of the right setting for those milestone board meeting.

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Special Celebration Venues

Celebrations that demand a highly tailored event setup can be held at our special celebration venues. Event organisers can source from this great selection of country estates, mountain chalets, highland retreats and golf resorts, to create a truly magnificent event.

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Banquet Venues

Top banqueting venues available to hire for grand corporate events and private dinners. We are delighted to present the most elegant selection of historic and contemporary venues catering for hundreds of guests or a select few. These banqueting venues host memorable banquets and unforgettable evenings.

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Anniversary Venues

The finest collection of hotels, halls, clubs, bars and restaurants which make outstanding anniversary venues. From corporate anniversaries to private celebrations, these spaces are the best venue options for a celebration that has both style and substance. Explore a variety of spaces and suggestions for anniversary events with impact.

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Charity Event Venues

Presenting some of the finest charity event venues that the world has to offer. Many have supported worthy causes and hosted some of the best events in the industry. A successful fundraising event is built on the foundations of an extraordinary setting.

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Summer Party Venues

From private garden parties to sleek rooftop bars, BBQs by the river and fields for sports days, these are the best summer party venues. Event bookers can make the most of the summer season and delight their guests with an outdoor venue that makes the most of the season.

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Awayday Venues

A selection of corporate awayday venues that provide scope and a unique backdrop for an event that's remembered for all the right reasons. From private estates to city retreats, this selection of venues offers variety and flexibilty. From team building activities to state of the art facilities, these venues offer an all round solution for corporate awaydays.

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Corporate Event Venues

These are the perfect corporate event venues with a wide variety of settings and destination options. Whether it is a presentation, a seminar, a business meeting, a training session or a party, these venues will make your event a great success, whatever your requirements may be.

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Presentation Venues

This shortlist of presentation venues offer a wide variety of event spaces and audio vidual integration to enable high impact presentations. From sales presentations to annual reports and AGMs, these venues provide a professional location and a seamless event experience for a wide variety of presentations. Start your journey to a successful presentation with one of our reviewed and approved venues.

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Awards Evening Venues

This is a selection of the best venues for hosting awards ceremonies of various sizes, accommodating large scale productions, multi-layered entertainment and the needs of VIPs. Planning an awards evening, anywhere in the world has never been easier.

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Seminar Venues

Offering state-of-the-art technology and a range of versatile spaces, these venues are well established as successful seminar venues. Key characteristics include close proximity to transport links, in-built communications technology and productive environments, which are essential for an all important seminar.

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