Gaucho Piccadilly

A global dining destination offering the finest Argentinian cuisine in a sophisticated setting that elevates the senses


Gaucho Piccadilly offers an exquisite gastronomic adventure set within a symphony of Latin American flavours. Located in the former home of the Spanish Ambassador just off London's famous Regent Street, this atmospheric and evocative venue is the perfect location for special events. Guests here will be immersed in the sophisticated ambience of the event spaces, where every detail has been meticulously planned to create the ultimate private dining destination.



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Gaucho Piccadilly is situated in the vibrant heart of London and is an impressive venue for events set across three stories. An all-weather terrace and a series of private dining rooms complement the venue's warm and inviting main dining room.

The venue's top floor features a sophisticated cocktail bar and a secluded courtyard, both influenced by the captivating bar culture of Buenos Aires. All event spaces incorporate the thoughtful fusion of Argentine-inspired aesthetics with refined elegance to create the ideal setting for unique and memorable gatherings.

Transcending its role as just another steakhouse restaurant the venue is a fine dining destination where every detail is taken care of. Ideal for various types of events, from intimate dinners to corporate buyouts, the team's commitment to refined elegance remains unwavering. Impeccable taste is evident in every event, where special moments are designed to create a lasting impression on attendees. The venue can host tailored events such as film nights with a themed menu and bespoke wine tastings handcrafted by their in-house sommelier.

The Gaucho Piccadilly event spaces offer a serene escape from the vibrancy of Piccadilly Circus. Perfectly located in the heart of London, this private location has an exclusive atmosphere that makes each and every guest feel special. The harmonious fusion of Argentinian cuisine, Latin American flavours, and a carefully curated drinks selection will elevate any occasion.

Once the home of the former Spanish Ambassador, the venue oozes historical charm and ambience. The dedicated team at Gaucho Piccadilly bring a wealth of expertise to ensure that each event is a seamless and memorable experience. With a passion for hospitality and a commitment to excellence, you can be sure to enjoy a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.

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Gaucho Piccadilly boasts a rich history that intertwines with the cultural tapestry of London. Located in the former home of a Spanish Ambassador, the venue carries a unique legacy, preserving the architectural charm and historical significance of its distinguished past. The elegant structure, now home to Gaucho Piccadilly, has witnessed a transformation from a diplomatic residence to a renowned steakhouse, adding a touch of sophistication to the vibrant neighbourhood.

Originally constructed to house diplomatic affairs, the building's transition into Gaucho Piccadilly marked a shift towards culinary excellence while retaining the ambience of its prestigious roots. The melding of Argentine-inspired design with the historical framework creates a captivating backdrop for patrons, offering a dining experience that is as visually stimulating as it is gastronomically satisfying.

Gaucho Piccadilly stands as a testament to the dynamic evolution of London's culinary scene, encapsulating the city's ability to seamlessly blend history and innovation. This venue is not merely a steakhouse; it is a living testament to the intersection of tradition and modernity. As guests step through its doors, they embark on a journey through time, savouring the flavours of the present against the backdrop of a storied history.

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Gaucho Piccadilly - A global dining destination offering the finest Argentinian cuisine in a sophisticated setting that elevates the senses