Prestigious Venues Social Media Week: 14th - 18th February 2022

A global week of social media highlighting the top 3 propositions of the world’s most prestigious venues

A Social Media Week For Venues

#PVSMW brings you 5 days of social media highlighting the top 3 propositions of the world's best venues for events. During Social Media Week, from Monday 14th - Friday 18th February 2022, venues post about the top 3 things that make them outstanding for events, using the hashtag #PVSMW. Venues will use text, images, video and other rich media to shed light on their unique selling points – across Twitter / Instagram or both.

Event bookers are invited to endorse venues by "re-sharing" and "liking" their favourite propositions. In a world of online noise, #PVSMW offers event bookers a unique opportunity to gain perspective and review the best qualities of prestigious venues - all in a single social media feed.

Venues - how it works

1. Identify

Identify the top 3 propositions that make your venue perfect for events

2. Post

Publish your unique propositions in up to 3 different posts using #PVSMW

3. Engage

Monitor your posts and engage with your audience during #PVSMW week


The main prize is knowledge & awareness of the best venues, however, we are also giving away prizes for voters and venues.

For Voters

A Luxury Weekend Break

at a prestigious venue for a lucky event booker who "re-shares" / "likes" a venue post

For Venues

Endorsements & Membership

We will be giving away a year's complimentary Prestigious Venues Membership for the most popular venue (worth £3,000)


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