You've been given the task of organising an event somewhere special. Whether in Marrakech, Sydney, Moscow, Dubai, Algarve or anywhere else equally astonishing - you'll have a number of decisions to make on how to fly guests to your event. You can book seats on a commercial airline or you can charter a plane privately and transform the flight into your own unique event experience. Yes, you guessed it. If feasible, we'd recommend the latter. Because we think the details matter... when you're planning unforgettable events.

What to expect from private air charter


Outstanding attention to detail


Enjoy private global journeys


Travel to your event in style

Group air travel is now easier than ever

What's more, you can now create unique event experiences in the air

Choose Any Destination

Choose a special destination, anywhere in the world - Prestigious Venues will propose the best event space and Air Partner will organise private aircraft charter for your group.


A remarkable event destination with an extensive selection of royal palaces, luxury hotels, gardens and roof terraces.
FLIGHT FROM LONDON: 3h 40m │ AIRPORT: Marrakesh Menara Airport


Sydney is a vibrant event destination with a wide spectrum of venue choices, from high rise luxury hotel ballrooms to beachfront event spaces.
FLIGHT FROM LONDON: Circa 21h 45m │ AIRPORT: Sydney Airport


Moscow is a major global events hub offering grand palaces, magnificent ballrooms and historic buildings in the heart of the capital.
FLIGHT FROM LONDON: Circa 3h 45m │ AIRPORT: Sheremetyevo Int. Airport


Dubai is a key destination for corporate events. The city offers extravagant event spaces, where you'll find everything from high rise luxury hotels to opulent resorts on man-made islands.
FLIGHT FROM LONDON: Circa 6h 45m │ AIRPORT: Dubai Int. Airport


The Algarve is the southernmost event destination in Portugal. The region offers an ideal climate for events all year round. You'll find everything, from luxury farm houses to majestic private homes for events.
FLIGHT FROM LONDON: Circa 2h 55m │ AIRPORT: Faro Airport

Choose An Experienced Partner

Air Partner boasts over 50 years of global reputation for safety, security and discretion in private jet charter. Adept at arranging private air travel on the industry’s most comprehensive choice of aircraft, Air Partner’s commercial and operational track record is second to none. The brand is a full-service provider, offering everything from VIP service at the gate to onboard specialist catering as well as off-airport check-in (OAC) at the hotel.

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The Best Part

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Getting to the event on time.

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Customising the travel experience

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Starting the event in the air.

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Checking-in when it suits your schedule.

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