For more than five centuries, British monarchs including King Henry VIII, King George III and Queen Victoria have celebrated in historic royal palaces, which over time have become outstanding venues filled with great stories. Whether it's for a reception, gala dinner or family celebration, we'd like to share with you four landmark venues in London that will add gravitas to the story of your event.

Hampton Court Palace

Did you know?

During 1603, William Shakespeare and his company ‘The King’s Men’ performed plays in the Great Hall for King James I.

Banqueting House

Did you know?

In 1657, Oliver Cromwell used Banqueting House to stage a grand wedding for his daughter Frances, complete with music from 48 violins and 50 trumpets.

Kensington Palace

Did you know?

In 1819, the future Queen Victoria was baptised in the Cupola Room with her father King George III and other members of the royal family present.

Tower Of London

Did you know?

The curved roofs on the Tower of London’s famous turrets were added by King Henry VIII as part of his preparations for Anne Boleyn’s coronation in 1533.

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