Organising Prestigious FAM Trips. Worldwide.

Combining Distinguished Event Bookers, Extraordinary Experiences & Prestigious Venues

Venue & Destination Showcase

A Complete Solution - From Invitations to Management & Follow up

Prestigious Venues organises unique FAM (familiarisation) trips for its partner venues - nurturing distinguished corporate guests to fall in love with new venues and destinations. Let prospective clients experience your venue for themselves, during an event/trip that truly resonates with them. Prestigious Venues uses its database of 18,500+ event bookers to invite and hand-pick only those prospective clients that are most likely to host an event at your venue. So let's plan ahead together. Bring your future clients to your doorstep.

  The FAM Solution

Nurturing your future clients

Prestigious Venues will provide a complete solution - managing the FAM trip process from the initial concept to invitation distribution and event management. Whether it's a venue showcase in your local market or an international FAM trip, Prestigious Venues has the tools and experience to provide a complimentary solution for partner venues.

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  Your Niche

Developing and utilising your niche

We'll plan the whole concept around your niche - the key proposition of your venue. This gives prospective clients a good reason to consider your venue for their relevant events.

Unforgettable Experiences

A carefully designed itinerary

Prestigious Venues will design a special daily itinerary that highlights the key propositions of the venue and destination. The perfect balance of activity, relaxation and indulgence will nurture the group to truly appreciate and advocate the venue and the destination.

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Viral Content & PR

Let the event live forever

We’ll photograph and video the experience extensively enabling us to showcase and publicise the spirit of the venue. This content and PR is key in inspiring future prospective clients to envisage their event at your venue.

18,500+ Event bookers

Reach the largest networks of premium event bookers

The world's largest network of premium event bookers will see your invitation and proposition. Applications to attend will be reviewed and a selection will be shortlisted and presented to the host venue. A smaller selection of guests (+ partners) will be confirmed in collaboration with the host venue.

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  Return on Investment

Future business generated from FAM Trips

Prestigious Venues FAM trips provide a great opportunity to build strong relationships with clients. Relationships are the key to repeat business. Successful FAM trips and venue showcases result in at least 6 additional events. Moreover, should the event prove exceptionally popular, Prestigious Venues will host a similar paid event with you annually.

Case Study

FAM Trip to Mexico with RCD Hotels

Email Invitation

Event bookers receive an email


Outlining the details of the event

Guest Selection

Vetting, proposal & selection of guests


Event & registration management

Blog Post

Event in pictures to inspire future clients

Client Feedback

Gathering client feedback following the event


Have a question about FAM trips? Email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 203 397 8399. Or see some of our past events.

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